Innsbruck game

A new publication is currently causing a sensation in Innsbruck. The publishing house Wagner'sche Universitäts-Buchhandlung has created an Innsbruck game: "Vom Goldenen Dachl zum Hafelekar'. Entertaining, informative, funny and educational at the same time.

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From the Golden Roof to the Hafelekar

The fun knowledge quiz for everyone aged 12 and over who wants to get to know Innsbruck even better.

With 440 knowledge and action cards, this game will brighten up dark autumn evenings in convivial company and enrich your knowledge to boot. This quiz, designed by the Tyrolean graphic artist Ines Graus, not only provides you with a lot of factual knowledge, but also guarantees you game evenings with a lot of regional flair and also amuses you with curious stories. Did you know, for example, that in the 1920s a writer walked through Maria-Theresien-Straße with a baby lion, or that there are local mushrooms whose black liquid used to be used to make document-proof ink?

Numerous people who know Innsbruck really well have put together over 350 varied questions for this knowledge quiz. Cabaret artist Markus Koschuh also ensures that you can fully develop your rhetorical, creative and acting talents with his activity questions.

  • Publisher: Wagner'sche Universitätsbuch- handlung Medici Buchhandels GmbH
  • Year of publication 2020
  • ISBN-13: 20201000012
  • German language