Otto - Live 2022


Innsbruck Olympic Hall

The East Frisian joker is back!

  • Date 18.05.2022 - 18.05.2022
  • Time 20:07 o'clock
  • Entrance 19:00 o'clock
  • Veneu Olympiahalle Innsbruck
  • City Innsbruck
  • Region Tirol
  • Country Österreich

If a person has managed to make his first name enough to introduce him, he has come a long way. If it's also his own first name, and not an artificial one like Loriot or Campino, he's gone even further. And if it's not a nickname, like Bully or Pear, and not a belittlement, like Calli, Wowi, Litti or even Naddel, he's almost there. The only thing missing is that it is a thoroughly common first name: Otto was the name of four German emperors and at least as many German inventors as Otto Lilienthal, who could fly before there were airports, Otto von Guericke, who invented the air pump before there were bicycle breakdowns, and of course Otto von Bismarck, who made the herring acceptable.

After all, Otto made the wet lisp socially acceptable - his voice is unmistakable even when he lends it to a yellow sloth like Sid or a green monster like the Grinch. It's quite possible that Otto will appear again in person on the big screen soon. A film version of the TV series Catweazle is being planned. Let's see if Otto takes one of the three with him on tour - the Ottifant is there anyway.