Das Innsbruck-Wimmelbuch

Tourist and manager Maria Sofia Kittler and artist Bettina Egger set out together to turn the vision of an Innsbruck hidden object book into reality. The result is a cardboard picture book of Innsbruck that is second to none. The book is published by Wagner'sche Buchhandlung.

A book to fall in love with - the first Innsbruck picture book and completely environmentally friendly! Hardboard picture book produced using the environmentally friendly Cradle tor Cradle process. All ingredients of the printed products have been optimised so that they are completely harmless to nature and humans. This applies to the paper as well as to the printing inks. A Cradle to Cradle book can be returned to the biological cycle without any problems. Detailed drawings of Innsbruck's sights with lots of search fun!

For children from 2 years, but also an eye-catcher for adults!

Artist Bettina Egger: Bettina Egger studied fine arts in France and learned to draw comics. She lived in France for a good ten years and has published nine comics in French there (so far). She works with various publishers and has also been active as a publisher herself, notably for a comic project about Frank Zappa. Four years ago she returned to Austria for her doctoral studies at the University of Salzburg. Since completing her studies, she has taught comics at the university and, of course, continues to work as an artist. The style in the Innsbruck-Wimmelbuch is strongly influenced by comics due to her background.