Rainhard Fendrich


Olympiahalle Innsbruck

Der österreichische Singer-Songwriter wird endlich wieder Live zu erleben sein.

  • Date 04.03.2022 - 04.03.2022
  • Time 20:00 o'clock
  • Entrance 19:00 o'clock
  • Veneu Olympiahalle Innsbruck
  • City Innsbruck
  • Region Tirol
  • Country Österreich

Rainhard Fendrich is back! Three years have passed since Rainhard Fendrich's last studio album. With his new single "Burn Out", the Austrian music legend is already providing a first taste of his new album "Starkregen", which will be released on 20 September.

The variety of topics on "Starkregen" reflects Fendrich's inimitable gift for observation. With his characteristic sarcasm, he characterises the "widespread diseases" of our time and their stereotypical manifestations: For example, there is the workaholic who needs to be reminded that there is "a life before death" in order not to end up in the therapist's chair with "burn out". Then there is the "social media zombie" who is no longer able to communicate in the real world, the ubiquitous populist crybabies ("Hot Air") or even the businessman spoiled by success who has lost his conscience ("The Rest of Your Conscience"). "But the worst are those who are not interested in anything at all," says Fendrich. Because those who only live "behind the plate" and don't think about anything also contribute nothing to society. But what will become of our world if we do not act sustainably ("Die Welt"), and if rulers like "the yellow poodle from the tanning bed" or the "little fat man from Pyongyang" have the upper hand ("Sag ma net es gibt kan Teufel")?

In the midst of the critical diagnosis of the times, Fendrich also convinces with his emotional ballads on the album. "Nur die Liebe" or the retrospective "Mein Leben" will undoubtedly ignite a sea of lights when Rainhard Fendrich is on stage. You notice he has reached a point where it is also important for him to take stock.

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